Hi! My name is Fabian. A passionated mechanical engineer and researcher with the love for trading crypto.

My first days of trading started 8 years ago with learning the basics of trading forex. After finishing a course, reading several books and more than 10,000 hours of charting I started to learn and understand advanced strategies. 

Thanks to many years of trading I finally found my rhythm and created extraordinary successful and satisfying trading strategies.

In 2016 I continued my journey into the cryptospace where my love grew for the community and the endless variety of assets.

Since I noticed how typically basic and unclear technical analysis is been explained all over the internet, I got motivated to make a difference. That’s why I started to create advanced but very clear courses that will actually turn you into a daytrader and make you know what to do.

Today we are educating many people by sharing our secrets and thus created a community where we all benefit together. Our goal is to keep on helping ambitious traders and to break their endless cycle of confusion.



My name is Thijs and I am the CTO of Trading Engineered. In my daily life I like to be outdoors, play chess, and solve all kinds of (technical) problems. 

During a trip to Finland Fabian introduced me to Forex. He was already running a successful Forex business and taught me the basics of fundamental, technical, and sentimental trading. From this moment Forex developed into a hobby of mine. Fabian also told me that although his business was successful, there were a lot of opportunities to make it better. 

As a programmer with over 14 years of experience in automating all kinds of things I could immediately think of concepts which would improve the quality of the service both for the customer and for the company. The combination of Fabian’s excellent technical insights and my vast experience in the field of software development and Artificial Intelligence has allowed us to create smart and profitable trading strategies.