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Learn The Basics

Beginners Courses


Learn everything about margin trading and how it works on Bybit. Get familiar with the basics of risk management. We will also introduce you to candlestick charts and technical analysis.

Trading Environment

Meet the trading applications of a daytrader. Learn how to make use of the trading exchange Bybit. Get to know all the ins and outs of TradingView and order flow charts on ExoCharts.

Become A Pro

Pro Trading Courses

Basic Technical Analysis

Get your hands on all the basics of trading. Learn everything about patterns, indicators, and how a chart actually moves. We will also discuss the common way of trading 'Breakout Trading' and why we deviate from this.

Next Level Trading

Bring yourself to another level with advanced but more than effective technical analysis. How to use Pivot and Fibonacci Levels. How to recognise and trade Harmonic Patterns. Make your trading scope, and many more. Everything in a unique, Trading Engineered style, way.

Winning Trading Strategies

Get ready for some eye-opening and stress relieving trading strategies. You'll not find the basic ones in here. Where others come with a new trading strategy every day, we have advanced but powerful strategies which are there to last forever.

Risk & Money Management + TOOLS

We teach you everything about risks of trading and how to minimalise these in our strategies. Learn everything about compounding and how to automatically apply this to your trading routine. As a bonus we provide most handy tools to make daytrading even easier.

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