February 10, 2019 | 4 min read

The 5 Advantages Of Automated Trading

Automated trading, also called ‘Autotrade’ has lots of advantages compared to manual trading. The difference: Autotrade is when a software-based machine does all the trading work for you while with manual trading you – like it’s saying – trade manually.

1. Autotrade saves time

The biggest reason that most people starts trading automatically is that it simply saves time. With manual trading you are mostly busy following the charts and taking manual actions. To stay succesful it is important to stick with a good strategy. These days, each strategy can be automated and also adjusted if necessary.  

2. No emotions

To end up successful on the financial markets it is important that you never deviate from your strategy. That doesn’t sound complicated but practice shows that feelings or thoughts always occur that tempt you to deviate from your strategy. This urge is strengthened after a series of losses, but even seen with a series of wins. Making lots of profit can make your confidence grow and can make you instantly trade with higher lot sizes. Many losses can actually decrease your confidence and make you deviate from your strategy. Our ArtiTraders – our automated trading systems – take all these negative actions away. They will never deviate from their strategy since they don’t know any emotions. 

3. Perfect execution

A trading system constantly keeps an eye on the market and can instantly react on the movements. In this way it can execute your trading strategy in perfection. One thing which is important is that the trading system needs to be fully perfectioned like our ArtiTraders. Market conditions change every second and the trading system still needs to know what to do when it does. Take an example of sudden events in the world: Brexit, Trump speaks. These events can raise the volatility and create big spikes in the chart. Our ArtiTraders are programmed to behave wisely during these events.

4. Trade while you sleep

As human being you have relatively a few hours per day to do your trading work. Even though that the Forex market continues 24 hours per day. This means that you can miss lots of good trading opportunities. Our ArtiTraders never get tired and are continuously keeping an eye on the Forex market. They trade when you are awake but also when the people on the other side of the world are awake. Sweet dreams!

5. All markets at the same time

Why trade on a single market if you can trade on all of them? The more markets you trade on, the more chances of getting profit. An ArtiTrader has a proven and trustable strategy which is being used on all the important markets. By trading on many markets you are spreading your risks and create more balance in your wallet.

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