January 18, 2019 | 1 min read

Results of 2018

After lots of testing, last year was the first time for our ArtiTraders to go live: and it ended up with positive numbers only! 

Michael Faraday (MF) started really good as the top ArtiTrader, but was caught up by Nikola Tesla (NT) in the end. The reason for this could be a change of strategies on both systems. As many of you may know, we regularly update or change our systems. This due to the fact that we are still in experimental phase of the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This could lead to some bad days or even weeks. But as AI keeps on learning of its mistakes, so do we. Until now, it has always ended up with profits. 

Even though the year started with a major update on Isaac Newton (IN) – which caused a positive spike – we will aim on steady profits and try to avoid high risks. Our advice stays: keep your lot size low and don’t start with an amount of money that you can’t lose. 

We will keep you more up to date regarding to any updates or changes of systems in our blog or on social media. Until then, our systems will do more than their best for you in order to make this year just as good as last year! 

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