March 11, 2022 | 4 min read

Trading Next To Your Work

I see a lot of traders around me who advertise their trading as if you can stop working tomorrow and start trading full time right away. Here is a reality-check. You don’t just do that.

In order to eventually come to the moment that you start trading full-time, you first need to have a lot of things in order. For example, you must have enough capital to be able to make money with trading. And in addition, you also need capital to support yourself in the times when you are not making a profit.

So why throw away your shoes when you don’t have new ones yet?

Your initial goal

Actually, the most important question to yourself should be: what makes you happy? What are traders actually looking for? Money? That you no longer have to work at all? Or that you no longer need to work for an employer?

The last thing you want to do is learn how to trade to have some free time, but then sit in front of the computer 24/7. Is that what you really did it for? What happened to the free time?

This is something important that you need to think about in advance: how much do I want to work to get at least a certain income to cover my expenses and do the things I like?

If you don’t have enough time to trade alongside your 9 to 5 job and earn enough money with it to cover your fixed expenses, it might be not enough to be able to stop working. Maybe to be independent of an employer if you choose to do it fulltime.

Plan to become financially independent

So what does ‘financially independent’ mean to you? That you don’t have to work anymore (at all) or that you make enough money without an employer?

If you want to quit your job make enough money only with crypto trading you need to have a solid plan:
– How much do you have to make to cover your fixed expenses?
– How much buffer do you need in uncertain times?
– At what point do I quit my job and follow my own path?

This is something you need to do next to your work (unless you have enough savings of course). 

We have many traders who simply trade next to their 9 to 5 jobs. And yes, they can stop with their jobs. But if the trading effort is so little, then why throw away your second income source? 

Trade smart, not hard

Unlike others, we teach you and trade with you in a way with the least effort and the maximum reward. This so that you can still do your studies, work or anything else such as travelling or hobbies, ánd trade succesfully of course

We follow a plan where we analyse for about half an hour. We set our alerts at important levels. These alerts will tell us the exact moments that a potential trade setup might take place. Then, we take action from that alert. 

There is enough time for you to check your phone if the opportunity is strong enough and if needed to take the next step and grab a laptop to trade.

Follow such strategy next to your work or study and build a lifestyle where you can make money and have a second income. Or just relax and do anything else you like. Never forget why you wanted to do trading in the first place. 

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