How To:
Connect to an ArtiTrader


To connect to one of our ArtiTraders you will need a few things: an MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading account, a FXBlue account, MT4 Terminal and of course a License to (one of) our ArtiTraders.

Step 1: Become a member
As first you become a member through one of our paid packages (Gold Package or Unlimited Package). When choosing for the Gold Package you can select one ArtiTrader which you’d like to follow automatically. 

Step 2: Install MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Terminal
After your welcome message by e-mail you will receive an invitation from FXBlue which you will need to connect your MT4 account to the selected ArtiTrader.

In the meanwhile you can start downloading and installing the MT4 Terminal from your broker. It is important that this will be done on your PC or laptop. 

To have your MT4 account 24/5 connected to the ArtiTrader it is also required to have your PC or laptop running 24/5. As an alternative you can choose for a (cheap) VPS server which runs 24/7 and keeps your account connected to an ArtiTrader all the time. We recommend Virmach since this is a cheap and reliable solution. From 5 € per month (SSD1G + Windows) you have all you need!

Step 3: Download and install the Receiver EA
Click on the invitation link that you received from FXBlue (Check your spam folder if you haven’t received an invitation link between 24 hours). 

Next, go to Trade Mirror and download the Receiver EA for MT4. Follow the instructions from FXBlue (a FXBlue manual is included). As soon as you open the Receiver EA it will automatically be installed on your MT4 Terminal.

Open your MT4 Terminal and drag the Receiver EA to a random chart (EURUSD e.q.). The Receiver EA (FXBlue InternetMirror Receiver) can be found under Navigator – Expert Advisors.

Step 4: Connect with FXBlue
To connect with the right ArtiTrader you will need to fill in the invitation details. Right mouse click on the chart (which should be blue now, containing FXBlue Receiver texts). Then, go to Expert Advisors – Properties.
This is where you have to fill all the required details but also can adjust your settings to the way you’d like your account to copy our trades. 

Step 5: Check for any errors and enjoy trading!
To prevent missing trades we suggest you to check and wait for the first trades to happen and open succesfully. If you haven’t received any trade in a week, please contact us. Don’t worry, we won’t stop helping you until everything is running smoothly 😉